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Other People Literary Magazine is UC San Diego’s first student-run literary magazine and club.

We publish biannually in the Fall and Spring and accept works of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, art, and photography. We wish to present the dynamic range of artistic capability inherent in UCSD students, to create an inclusive platform to share creative works, and to encourage literary and artistic exploration among all students. We seek to embrace our core principle of showcasing “O(the)r People,” or celebrating at once our diversity, our individual uniqueness, our shared experiences, and our collective journey through this world. Our hope is that Other People Magazine will become a permanent organization at the University of California, San Diego, and will remain an enduring outlet for student creativity.


Our Editorial team reviews submissions individually and votes on their favorite pieces based on quality, creativity, craft, and style. The team then convenes to determine the strongest pieces of the selection, the number of which is adjusted to fit the maximum length of the magazine publication. For detailed submissions instructions, please see our Submissions page.


Other People
A place to explore the timeless human experience;
A place to revere the joys and struggles of our journeys through life;
A place to celebrate the uniqueness of the human spirit;
Through a fusion of Language, Art, Image, and Technology.


Other People Magazine began as a dream shared by a group of writing and art enthusiasts. The magazine’s founders all had the same wish—for UCSD to have a place where literary and artistic creativity could flourish on a predominately STEM-focused campus. When a Fall 2019 writing workshop class brought this group of Literature/Writing majors and art lovers together, their dream began to become reality. Together, the founders inspired each other to embark on the journey of turning their dream into an enduring legacy of artistic expression on campus. And so Other People began—in a flurry of mission-statement writing, logo designing, team recruitment, flyer posting, and excited member meetings late at night.

Gradually, a magazine and club began to take shape. We were thrilled by the outpouring of support and attendees from Other People’s first informational session, as well as by the volume of creative work submitted to the magazine during the first submissions cycle. Drawing upon the strength of collaboration from students of many disciplines, backgrounds, and talents, the dream of Other People became reality in July 2020, which marked the publication of Other People Literary Magazine’s first issue.

This project was one that was months in the making. We could not have reached the milestone of publishing our first issue without the help of all those who supported Other People, who believed in us back when we were just a dream, who offered us their advice and wisdom, who shared with us their creativity. Thank you; you are our inspiration. We hope Other People is a reality that lives up to your dreams.