Changing Permalinks

Context and Problem Statement

Permalinks (URLs) are an important component of a website from giving the application a hierarchy to follow to improving SEO and user experience. Modifying these links have a great impact on end users, especially when there are many posts (real application: removing the date from over 220 posts of Alchemy the Journal). It is important to address optimal URLs early on for better UX both externally (general audience) and internally (management).

Decision Drivers

UX Experience

Writers and artists should be confident that their work is guaranteed to exist at the permalinks they know/saved.

Considered Options

  1. Change the permalink to domain/:categories/:title
  2. Leave permalinks as the Jekyll default (domain/:categories/:year/:month/:day/:title:output_ext)

  3. Use a different format domain/:categories(incl author name)/:title

Decision Outcome

Chosen option: “[option 1]”, because [justification. e.g., only option, which meets k.o. criterion decision driver which resolves force force comes out best (see below)].

Positive Consequences

Negative Consequences

Pros and Cons of the Options



3. Use a Different Format than Proposed

(domain/:categories(incl author name)/:title)

Unresolved Issues