Alt Text Field on Front Matter

Context and Problem Statement

Slow internet can cause things on a website to not load, so users will not see art and photography loaded on the website. To help users gain a sense of what we display, a description in the form of alt text should be provided on every image.

Decision Drivers

Considered Options

  1. Add an “alt” field to the front matter.
  2. Continue manually inserting alt text everywhere.

Decision Outcome

Chosen option: “[option 1]”, because [justification. e.g., only option, which meets k.o. criterion decision driver which resolves force force comes out best (see below)].

Positive Consequences

Negative Consequences

Pros and Cons of the Options

Add an “alt” Field to the Jekyll/Forestry Front Matter

thumb: '/uploads/Laura Esbensen_Other People Submission - Laura Esbensen.JPG'
alt: 'Medium: Acrylic on wood'

This will turn into <img src="/uploads/Laura Esbensen_Other People Submission - Laura Esbensen.JPG" alt="Medium: Acrylic on wood">. Note that the alt text is located inside the Markdown square brackets.

Side note: image names should be changed to remove the spaces because that returns an error in HTML validation (See the 2.1.99 HTML validation report).

title: Fronteras
contributor: Nicole Lopez
thumb: '/uploads/IMG_5773.JPG'
alt: ['Medium: Photography', 'second alt text']
![page.alt[1]](/uploads/IMG_5775 (1).JPG)

Manually Write alt text Into the Code

thumb: '/uploads/Laura Esbensen_Other People Submission - Laura Esbensen.JPG'
![Medium: Acrylic on wood](page.thumb)

Unresolved Issues