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Theme: Eclipse

Eclipse. The cycle starts anew. A mystical, mysterious, spiritual, psychological, or physical shift in patterns and livelihood. It marks a new age, a doing away of the old. The eclipse is a place within shadow, where people may look to the sky and marvel in raw truth. It’s where blood moons and refracted light draw monumental power, whose influence fluctuates from mind to mind. Raising nations, turning the tide of wars. Brightening up the gloom or shadowing elated emotions, and dispelling arcs of light that bleed through darkness.

Eclipse. A place of transformation. A place of renewal. A time for evolution, when the wheel turns, and light and alignment reflect a greater part of ourselves. It is time for rebirth.

*Magazine submissions will be selected based on quality, originality, creativity, and the creator’s interpretation of our theme, Eclipse!

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The editorial team will be reviewing and sending out acceptances on a rolling basis. Our waiting period is approximately three months, but this could vary.

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We take submissions by (Google Form. In this form, please answer the questions about the genre of your work, input your email address and name, and attach an anonymized copy of your work. Optional: tell us anything you want us to know about your work and its meaning.

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[1a] Multiple submissions are accepted
[1b] We do not consider previously published work.
[1c] Currently, we do not have the funds to pay our contributors.